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Our Initiatives


Propel offers two programs, TEEN INTERVENE & EVERYDAY PARENTING, that are designed to reduce the risk of drugs and alcohol use in adolescents (ages 12 - 17).  It includes participation in four research appointments at the University of Minnesota's Center for Personalized Prevention Research and seven free therapy sessions at Natalis Counseling and Psychology Solutions.  To learn more about Propel, please click here.

Support Women. Period.

Support Women. Period. (SWP) is an initiative under Natalis Foundation. SWP's mission is to provide tampons and pads to girls and women in need in the greater Twin Cities area. SWP believe women of every age should have access to liners, pads, and tampons regardless of socioeconomic standing (rich or poor) during their menstrual cycle. 

SWP believe it is time to break the cycle of silence that surrounds the menstrual cycle.

To learn more about Support Women. Period., please click here.  

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